if you like jays song and would like to see him shines, go follow https://twitter.com/jayparknetwork and https://twitter.com/JayParkBallers

There’s a lot of thing you can do to contribute for Jay. Check their updates and tweets for things you can help with and lets Jwork together! :D

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its about to start! xD OMJ


shout out to aussie jwalkerz!!! xDD

feel the jay-effect. was nervous as hell before meeting, and then happy and want more of him. rofl. have a good time with jay yall! xD

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Jay Park new breed asia tour in seoul! have fun jay and jwalkerz!!!! d(>w<)b

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[PROJECT] Hope For The Flowers: JWalkerz collaboration

is collaborating with and are coming together with a charity project for all JWalkerz to participate in

To celebrate Jay’s Korean concert, instead of Rice Donation Project that we have done for Jay previous concert we came together with another meaningful project that we feel JWalkerz all over the world will a appreciate it and find it very meaningful.

Helping a child with cancer pay for the ongoing expenses associated with getting treatment through angelc.or.kr. We have decided to sponsor Jeong Hoon, a bright little boy who is undergoing chemotherapy. Below is the translated description of his particular needs:

•• About Jung Hoon •• 
In July 2009, Jung Hoon was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in Seoul. 

We did not know how to talk to Jung Hoon about the illness and make him understand.

Jung Hoon was very unstable and scared at first, but he soon accepted the fact in a positive way and begun his treatment.

Only after a month of treatment, we were very happy that the chemotherapy was successful (the chemo alters the state of body so it looks like its free of leukemia. After successful therapy, the patient must go through a cell transplantation.) 

Jung Hoon had such a hard time while he was being treated that he vomitted on the bus from home in Kangwondo to the hospital in Seoul (the two are quite far apart). When he was tired from the fever caused by low levels of white blood cells, he stayed in a nearby accommodation and received the chemotherapy. 
Our Jung Hoon’s famiy is exhausted from such a long battle with the illness. The sudden unemployment of his dad makes it even more difficult for his mom. 

Please support Jung Hoon’s family. 

How Jung Hoon is doing these days:

Jung Hoon is attending and doing well in school. He is 10th in his class and around 60th in his school. 
Jung Hoon became much brighter and he now has many things he want to do and learn. He is taking guitar and vocal lessons as it is his dream to become a composer. 
If he gets sick at school, he leaves early or doesn’t attend, but he is trying hard not to show his illness. 
He is a very dignified and ambitious child. 
He is admitted to the hospital every 3 months for his chemotherapy and twice a month for his external therapy.

He needs to continue his chemotherapy for at least five more years.

•• Donation Info ••
Donations will be open until 18th August 2012. 
To donate, click here (note you have to be member of  to access) 


Alternately way, you can also paypal your donations to projects@jaypark.net with the title “Hope for the Flowers”. 

Let’s all help the young Jung Hoon to over come his illness as we give him and his family all the support we can to always be the bright him.

[JVOTE] Music Artists You'd Like to Perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies ~~Jay is at #227

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[JWORK] Don't forget, you can vote every hour!. No login required

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Jay Park in Minna Lounge(:

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Miles closer to my vagina? Thank you sweet baby Jesus.

If you’re a jwalkerz, live in New York, and you’re going to Jay’s show at the best buy theatre, AND you want to go in a group, let a thug know.

Because I’m going and I’m going to get sexy.


who’s going? holla at her. haha xD

Jay playfully cheered back to the fan who was cheering. xDD 

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